Paper Is Not Dead

By March 7, 2018Print Advertising

Most companies today are using email, social media, and other digital marketing tactics to attract customers. Although direct mail has somewhat fallen out of favor, it should not be ignored.

Consider these statistics:

  • 70 percent of Americans feel that print mail is more personal than digital marketing techniques
  • 59 percent of customers find print marketing to be more trustworthy than other marketing methods
  • 80-90 percent of direct mail is opened, versus 20-30 percent of marketing emails
  • 42 percent of people who receive a direct mailing read it or at least scan the headlines

While there is some cost involved in launching a direct mail campaign, it offers several advantages.

Direct Mail Is Tangible

Consumers are generally overwhelmed and exhausted by the sheer volume of digital advertising they are faced with every day. They are becoming far less tolerant of having their email inboxes invaded with marketing messages. The trend is moving towards tuning out, blocking, filtering, and deleting. This makes successful online engagement much more difficult than it had been previously.

On the other hand, studies show that 80-90 percent of people bring their mail inside when it is delivered. Over 70 percent sort through it every day. Sending mail to your customers and prospects allows you to put your message directly in their hands and improves the chances that your message will be viewed.

Integration Improves Engagement

The best direct mail campaigns are forward-thinking. Combine classic techniques with the latest in technology by incorporating QR codes or mobile apps into your direct mail content. Use well-designed, eye-catching postcards, brochures, letters, and coupons to improve customer engagement and drive sales.

Direct Mail is More Likely to Be Read

When you send consumers an email, you must create a subject line that is enticing enough to get them to open it. You may have an amazing offer inside, but it might never be viewed. You also have to worry that your message will be caught by spam filters and never reach the intended recipient. Direct mail gives you the opportunity to present your entire message at one time, making it much more effective.

Direct Mail is More Likely to Stick Around

Tweets and Facebook posts are typically viewed once before the reader keeps on scrolling. When a consumer receives an email, it’s easy to delete it and never think about it again. In contrast, direct mail is likely to be posted on their refrigerator or stay on the counter where it will be seen daily until action is taken.

Considering each of the points above, it’s easy to see why direct mail is still well worth your time. The best return on investment comes from a comprehensive marketing plan that approaches the consumer from several different angles. Consistency is key. Each touch should be strategically designed to engage the consumer and reinforce your branding message.

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