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With over a decade of market-driven research, countless focus groups, and good old trial and error behind us, Get1Free Coupon Magazine has become a trusted community publication that reliably delivers customers to our advertisers, and helpful and entertaining content to our readers.


Easy & Convenient Size allows readers to store and keep longer! After years of research, we have proven that size does matter. This handy little size fits conveniently in purses and bags. When magazine and other periodicals are stored in kitchens, living rooms, and offices, the smaller sized ones always stack on top for efficient organization. Fold up the magazine and it makes for a perfect back pocket, hands free coupon guide. It goes where you go! We didn’t get our tag line for nothing…”Little Book, Huge Savings.”

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Strong Restaurant Offers

Get1Free is proud to have the strongest restaurant offers in town! The food in our magazines drive readership, increasing results for everyone. People dine out 4 – 6 times a week on average between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because we insure that we have more restaurants in our books than any of our competition, our readers hang on to our books longer, while others get thrown away. We strategically spread great food merchants throughout the book so that readers are motivated to look at every page, from front to back and back to front! No matter where your ad is, our readers are seeing it! Readers continue to look in their mailbox for Get1Free. It’s like getting money mailed to you every month!

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Targeted Direct Mail

We carefully choose our mailing lists every month, ensuring the highest quality of data. Mailing to middle to upper income homes via USPS insures top quality customers to your business. With over 30 hand picked geographic zones and growing, and reaching over 1.5 million homes every month, you can effectively target just those customers closest to your business. Our marketing consultants can help choose zones that make the most sense for your business.

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Front Covers That Work!

Delicious local food covers drive consumers into the magazine! Our award winning design encourages readers to keep their monthly Get1Free on their living room table to browse through all month long. Unlike other coupon type products, our covers do not get torn up so the magazine maintains it’s integrity. Because coupons are not featured on our covers, the magazine stays in homes longer and in better condition!

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Trackable Results

Get1Free Magazine is about results. We want to insure that your investment is always driving the highest return possible. We monitor results for you and with you, ensuring transparency and effectiveness in your campaign. We provide your ad with an exclusive tracking number to identify those calls coming from your Get1Free ad. With our call recording option, you can effectively help train your staff to maximize conversion of phone inquiries. We will always track and enhance your ad along the way to maximize results. Partner with us today!

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Longest Shelf Life

Free offers, rich looking covers, and award winning design encourage readers to open up the magazine and hang on to it every month. We invest in special content for our readers from restaurant reviews and puzzles to contests and recipes. We do all that we can to insure readers hold on to their magazine all month long! Our ‘Find Freebee’ contest is a reader favorite! Find 5 bees throughout the pages of Get1Free to be entered to win $500 cash every month!

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