Get1Free offers the ultimate CROSS-MEDIA MARKETING package. When your company combines forces, your SUCCESS will skyrocket.


Print advertising is here to stay. Print advertising still has the shelf life and staying power that digital media unfortunately does not possess. And when you mix print with direct mail, you have something special and unique. As mail boxes become less full with more and more people shifting to online bill pay, your direct mail advertisement message stands out from the crowd. Get1Free Magazine can get you in your prospect’s mailbox for less money than anyone else. We are simply the most affordable way to reach a consumer and put your brand in their hands! Mix direct mail with a strong digital brand, now that’s a campaign you can count on!


Let’s face it, digital is the way of the future. If you don’t have a strong digital presence, you’re really hurting your business. A strong digital presence creates instant credibility, provides pertinent information to your customers, establishes business savvy and strength, and portrays a brand that your customers and employees can trust. Mix a strong digital presence with a smart advertising campaign, and you are sure to beat out your competition!

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