Delivering Success to Small Businesses

“The Broken Yolk Cafe has partnered with Get1Free Coupon Magazine since 2009. We launched our ad campaign with our original Pacific Beach location and have grown to 19 locations since! THANK YOU G1F FOR HELPING US GROW and become a household name in the San Diego market!”

– JOHN GELASTOPOULOS Owner, The Broken Yolk Cafe

“Get1Free brings in MORE NEW CUSTOMERS THAN ANY OTHER MARKETING we’ve ever done. And, it’s by far the most affordable! We have been using Get1Free Magazine year round for 4.5 years and will continue to use it. We make new customers aware of where their new favorite yogurt shop is located.”

– MIKE KURKO Owner, Menchie’s El Cajon

“Get1Free Coupon Magazine has been a RELIABLE AND CONSISTENT MARKETING TOOL for El Indio Restaurant. We have been on numerous front covers and have always received very favorable results. El Indio Restaurant has successfully partnered with G1F since 2009 and will continue.”

– JENNIFER PESQUEIRA General Manager, El Indio Restaurant

“We love our back cover with Get1Free Magazine! Get1Free has brought in the MAJORITY OF ALL NEW CLIENTS in our business since 2009. As a very happy partner, we have BUILT A VERY STRONG CUSTOMER BASE. In addition, our inserts are a great success.”

– DR. ERIC JOHN EUSEBIO Owner, Smiles of Eastlake

“We have been with Get1Free for over 8 years. It has always proven to be one of the best advertising pieces we use, GREAT RETURN ON INVESTMENT and great value for the money. And our marketing consultant, Jodi Maierhofer, is the best!”

– VICTOR MAGALHAES Owner, Vittorio’s Family Style Trattoria

“Shogun Restaurant has been using Get 1 Free magazine for many years to help grow our business. They provide GREAT RESULTS MONTH AFTER MONTH WITH CONSISTENT, ON TIME DELIVERY. If you want increased traffic in your restaurant call Get1Free.”

– ALYSSA SIVONGSAY Restaurant Manager, Shogun

“Here at EasyTurf, we have been advertising in Get1Free for several years. We receive consistent, steady phone calls from the piece. The RETURN ON INVESTMENT IS CLEAR MONTH AFTER MONTH. We will continue to advertise here, as it works so well for us! “

– HEATHER RUVOLO Marketing Coordinator, EASYTURF

“We benefited from our G1F ad campaign since 2010. Our consistent advertising with Get1Free HAS ESTABLISHED MATHNASIUM AS A COMMUNITY LEADER in Math tutoring! It is a pleasure to work with our marketing consultant, Amy Grant, and to be advised on all marketing needs.”

– DOUG WOLF Owner, Mathnasium

“We partnered with Get1Free Coupon Magazine in 2013 and it was the best decision. The branding and circulation has been a TREMENDOUS HELP TO OUR GROWTH and marketing campaign. In that time we have added another restaurant in La Jolla!”

– RICHARD WALKER Owner, Richard Walkers Pancake House

“Get1Free has proven to be a VALUABLE MARKETING PARTNER for the Rita’s Italian Ice locations in San Diego County. Get1Free is an integral part of our marketing plan which consists of monthly magazine ads, promotional inserts, and front covers! Utilizing all the tools that Get1Free offers has helped launch our new locations and heighten brand awareness in every community with great success. Thank you Get1Free!”

– SARA DEYOUNG Brand Ambassador, Rita’s Italian Ice

“I want to say how impressed I have been with the great response! We have not only had many new customers come into the store, but many who have bought from us in the past and had forgotten about our store and have returned. OUR TRAFFIC & SALES HAVE DRAMATICALLY INCREASED. I have advertised with the newspaper and other print publications in the past and did not see the same results and I will be working with Get1Free Magazine and their talented staff for months to come.”

– MERIDEE JOHNSON Owner, Johnson Interiors & More

“Get1Free has been a core part of our marketing strategy over the last 10 years. They are one of the BEST DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING PARTNERS we have, and they continue to bring one of the lowest cost per leads to our sales force.”

– DAVID WALTERS General Manager, Western Outdoor

“Ever since we’ve been doing the Get1Free Magazine it’s  been a great success.We were never really busy before in the mornings and now we are busy all the time. In the past 2 WEEKS WE HAVE SEEN 80 TO 100 COUPONS COME IN AND IT’S NOT SLOWING DOWN…lots of new customers! Thank you Get1Free for helping us launch in the Treasure Valley”

– KAHEA HUSSEY GM, Rumbi Island Grill

“Get1Free has gone above and beyond our expectations and has made a tremendous impact on our company. We have had our ad featured in Get1Free Magazine for about six years now, and we have since TRIPLED OUR SALES. By running the additional insert and post cards with Get1Free, we have been able to strategically and successfully bring in the best fitting clientèle that our company could ask for. We are pleased to say that Get1Free Magazine is our best and MOST TRUSTED RESOURCE FOR OUR COMPANY’S ADVERTISING. “


“We received almost 1000 coupons in 3 months!  The dollar amount created with coupons was over $52,000 in total sales after the discount!”

– KEEGAN & LISA Owners, D-Bar Restaurant

Video Testimonials

Get1Free Magazine advertiser, Jack at FroYoLand Yogurt, knows the power of Get1Free coupons. Listen to him tell you what Get1Free did for his fun, family-friendly business where the frozen yogurt rocks!

– JACK Owner, FroYoLand Yogurt

Lariesa Bernick of Pilates of Eastlake, knows that Get1Free Magazine can help them grow their business. Advertisers, like Lariesa, tell us that Get1Free brings them more new customers than ever!

– LARIESA Owner, Pilates of Eastlake

Get1Free Magazine advertiser, Joe Dukes, shows off one month of coupons! Winter isn’t typically the time for frozen treats, but you wouldn’t ever assume that after looking at Joe’s coupon redemptions.

– JOE Owner, Baltimore Snowball

Get1Free Magazine delivers results to local businesses. Reach more of the customers who live near your business with an advertisement in our magazine, on our website and on our app.

– KARIMA Owner, Cold Stone Creamery

Get1Free Magazine delivers results for local businesses. In this video, Marissa of M.Y. Pie Pizzeria in Escondido describes how advertising in Get1Free Magazine has helped their business…

– MARISSA Owner, M.Y. Pie Pizzeria

Get1Free Magazine advertiser, Tony Ficarra, already knows the power of coupons! Listen to Tony tell you what Get1Free did for his business… adding $30,000 per month to his sales volume!

– TONY Owner, America’s Best Carpet

Get1Free Magazine advertiser tells about getting calls six months after his ads ran!

– PATRICK Owner, Fast Fix Jewelry & Watch Repair

In this video, Adam of Inland Solar Center describes how advertising in Get1Free Magazine has helped their business grow into 4 zones quickly!

– ADAM Owner, Inland Solar Center

Papaya Bay Grill & Alehouse describes how Get1Free magazine brings in 3-4 new customers daily!

– NAT Manager, Papaya Bay Grill and Ale House

Kerri of Dick & Jane Waxing in San Diego, CA tells us how Get1Free Magazine and Uptown Downtown drive REAL results.

– KERRI Owner, Dick & Jane Waxing

General manager of Rumbi Island Grill tells us how Get1Free Magazine has generated about 100 customers in their first month of advertising!

– KAHEA GM, Rumbi Island Grill

Jen from ShadeWorks Patio Covers has been seeing great results after advertising for only 1 week with Get1Free Magazine!

– JEN ShadeWorks Patio Covers

Luis from Which Wich in Meridian, Idaho tells us how they have been slammed with business after advertising with Get1Free Magazine for just ONE weekend!

– LUIS Manager, Which Wich

Jason from All Secure Marine describes how advertising with Get1Free Magazine drives results and pays for itself!

– JASON Owner, All Secure Marine

Reclaimed Interiors tells us how Get1Free Magazine has increased her exposure and brought people into her new store, thus increasing revenue!

– VIKI PENE Owner, Reclaimed Interiors

Shannon from Mira Mesa Automotive Tells us how she is receiving 2 new customers per day while advertising with Get1Free Coupon Magazine!

– SHANNON Manager, Mira Mesa Automotive

Azim from Meineke Car Care in Oceanside tells us how he is receiving more business after switching to Get1Free Coupon Magazine 2 years ago!

– AZIM Manager, Meineke Car Care Oceanside

Shannon from Old California Mining Company tells us how his sales have dramatically increased while advertising with Get1Free Coupon Magazine for over 4 years!

– NICK Owner, Old California Mining Company

Andreas from Farmer Boys tells us how they have been with Get1Free Coupon Magazine for over 3 years and will continue!

– ANDREAS Manager, Farmer Boys

James tells us how Get1Free has been instrumental in the growth of their business by allowing them to deliver their message effectively and affordably.

– JAMES Manager, Primos Mexican Food

Shannon from EasyTurf explains how they have used Get1Free Marketing for 6 years to reach new customers and keep brand consistency.

– Shannon Manager, EasyTurf

Creamistry of Carmel Valley tells us how advertising in the Get1Free Coupon Magazine has dramatically increased their ROI.

–SAMIRA Manager, Creamistry

The Sandwich Emporium in Rancho Penasquitos has gained tons of new customers and put themselves on the map by partnering with Get1Free.

–PETER Manager, The Sandwich Emporium

Menchie’s in Corona tells us how they have had over 1,000 redemptions in just the first three months of advertising with Get1Free!

–BOB Manager, Menchie’s in Corona

Blitzer’s Frozen Yogurt Owner, Ronda, is excited that in just 1 day of her books hitting mailboxes, she has received 37 new customers!

–RONDA Owner, Blitzer’s